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Award Winning Broadcaster, Preacher & Author

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Welcome to the ...
Official Frank Wappat Website


Hear the BBC's tribute programme on Frank Wappats 40 Broadcasting Years

FRANK ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT - for Franks loyal listeners, it was a very sad day when he announced his retirement form radio. In May this year Frank suffered a second stroke which left his with a condition knows as APHASIA -

In a press statement he said "the decision to quit broadcasting was "the hardest of my life".

He added "thanks to the dedicated staff of Wansbeck Hospital I am back on my feet, and adjusting to life at home. The reality is that I can no longer give 110 per cent to my radio shows, so I have sadly resigned from my broadcasting commitments. When he was asked if he would do anything different if he had his broadcast time again "Yes, he said - join the BBC's Pension Scheme!"

UPDATE; We are delighted to announce to Franks loyal listeners that he may be back broadcasting his music over the internet. Watch out for more information.  

Frank Wappat worked for the BBC for 40 years before his sudden retiirement in October 2010 due to ill health- he had an instantly recogniseable and sincere voice on the radio, possibly because he never used a script. He rattled off his shows on the BBC without even a running order and every track he played has been digitally restored and re-mastered. Like a Psychometrist he seemed to pick up the vibes from handling the discs.

Every Sunday morning Frank started the Broadcast day on BBC Newcastle with the Inspirational Show - Frank's special blend of Gospel, Inspirational and Meditational Music - his listeners found this a tonic, a great way to start their week.

Then he was back in the Studio to present his award winning FRANK WAPPAT MUSIC show -where he opened up his record vaults to take you on a trip down memory lane with a blend of music from the 30's, 40's and 50's Nostalgia, Jazz, Dance, Swing and Vocals of the era.

Both programmes were hugleu popular among the listeners and regularly held top spot for the station on both Listen Live and Listen again on the BBCiplayer.

Frank Wappats Tribute to the Stars

What the founder of Local Radio in England has to say about Frank Wappat

Ted Short (now Lord Glenamara) was the man who during his time as Postmaster General in the 60’s outlawed Pirate Radio Stations - but then redeemed himself establishing BBC Local Radio in various Regions of England. Having first heard Local Radio whilst in Canada, he was successful in convincing the then Labour Government to support the idea here. He had a vision to hear Local Radio, broadcasting local issues, staffed by Local People with local dialect whilst driving throughout England. The Stations were to have their own Radio Councils who were responsible for raising the funds to keep them financially self sufficient. In reality, the Radio Councils became sounding boards representing the views of the listeners.

A lifelong friend of Frank Wappat, watch the Video to find out what he has to say about him


We hope you find the information on this site useful and that it helps give you an insight to the man behind the voice.

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